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  • The name for synthetic fiber spandex was coined as an anagram of expands.

  • Yes, there is really a company called Doolittle and Dalley.

  • What is in a domain name? Compaq paid over 3 million dollars to buy domain name for their AltaVista search engine.

  • The name of talk show host Oprah Winfrey's company is Harpo, reverse of her first name.

  • What is the word for the fear of names? Nomatophobia!

  • Big list of company name etymologies.

  • Where would dotcom mania take us next? There is even a city called now.

Auto naming

  • Camry, a car from Toyota is an anagram of my car.
  • Elantra, a car from Hyundai is an anagram of A rental.
  • Civic, a car from Honda is a palindrome.
  • A Toyota is a palindrome.
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