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Jul 1999

Jul 7The Hilton = Hint: Hotel
Jul 8Western Union = No Wire Unsent
Jul 11Boeing = Big One
Jul 12Internet Stocks = Consistent Trek
Jul 13British Petroleum = I put miles, brother! = Pure Mobile Thirst
Jul 14Comfort Inn = Not Confirm
Jul 15General Electric = Electrical Genre
Jul 16Lucent Technologies = Huge Net Collections
Jul 19Bell Atlantic = In Battle Call
Jul 20Carleton Fiorina, President, CEO = Corporation's Definite Cleaner
(Carleton Fiorina of Lucent named president and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard making her the first woman to be the head of a Dow 30 company.)
Jul 21Microsoft = Is Comfort
Jul 22General Motors = Enlarges Motor = Or Great Lemons
Jul 23Mattel Toys = Tamely Tots
Jul 26New York Stock Exchange = Now Exchange Skyrocket
(The largest stock exchange in the USA announces plans to go public)
Jul 27America Online = Re: Mail in Ocean
Jul 28Time Warner = Writer: Amen! = Mean Writer
Jul 29IBM = I M B
(pronounced as: I am bee... no denying IBM is a large corporation)
Jul 30United Parcel Service = Accept, Insure, Deliver!

Aug 1999

Aug 2Year Two Thousand Problem = A Blast! Open-mouthed Worry
Aug 3IDG Books = Dig books
Aug 4Fruit of the Loom = Off toilet humor
Aug 5U.S. Steel = Let's Sue
(Steel Companies File Trade Suits Against Foreign Imports )
Aug 6Hyatt Hotel = The Toy Halt
Aug 9Day trader = A dry trade
(Study: Most day traders lose)
Aug 10MasterCard = Trader scam
Aug = Got record sum
(Shares of online pharmacist soar)
Aug 12Chevrolet = Clever, Hot
Aug 13Campbell Soup = Placebo lumps
Aug 16Blockbuster = Stock: rubble
(The stock of video-rental company sits flat in the first day of trading.)
Aug 17RadioShack = Hacks Radio
Aug 18Analog Devices = Naive Coed Gals
Aug 19Federal Express = Free Sex Pedlars = Prefers Sex Deal
Aug 20Lipton tea = Teapot nil
Aug 23Penguin Books = Pigeon Bunkos
Aug 24Rubbermaid = Drum Barbie = I rubbed a Mr.
Aug 25Iomega = I am ego
Aug 26New York Times = Monkeys Write
NY Times monkeys with the idea of floating stock
Aug 27Ameritech = I'm Teacher = Hate Crime
Aug 30Pentium = Put me in = Input 'em
(so that it can say, Intel Inside)
Aug 31Tylenol pill = Lo! Plenty Ill

Sep 1999

Sep 1Healthy Choice eatables = Oh! aesthetic bellyache
Sep 2Linux = In lux
(No question, the open source operating system has been in limelight lately.)
Sep 3Pointcast = PC Station
Sep 6Labor Day = Rob a lady = Adorably
Today is Labor Day. Those of you who spell it as Labour Day probably observe it on the first of May. But here in the USA, it falls on the first Monday of the month of September--just to spread the holidays evenly throughout the year. (-:
Sep 7RCA television = Vertical noise
Sep 8Microsoft Word = I comfort words
Sep 9Informix = Minor fix
Sep 10Dreamworks = Mad workers
Sep 13Telcordia = Erotic Lad
(New name of Bellcore)
Sep 14Wired = Weird
Sep 15Agilent = Genital
Sep 16Windows Two Thousand = Shutdowns. Now do wait.
Sep 17Wall Street = Treats well
Sep 20Apple Computer = Meet popular PC = Operate plum PC
Sep 21Sun Microsystems = My! Customers' sins
Sep 22Microsoft CarPoint = I, Comic of Transport
Sep 23Folgers = Golfers
Sep 24Mountain Dew = O! I'm unwanted
Sep 27Quisp = Ups IQ
Sep 28Camry = My car
Sep 29Primestar = Mrs. Pirate
Sep 30Rite-Aid = Air Diet

Oct 1999

Oct 1Dodge Ram = Do drag me
Oct 4Lucky Strikes = Yuck! Let's risk (cancer)
Oct 5Victoria's Secret = Erotica Victress
Oct 6Sega Dreamcast = Sacred at games
Oct 7Nature's Gift = Fruit Agents
Oct 8WorldCom = Cold worm
MCI buys Sprint to create WorldCom
Oct 11Delta Airlines = I land earliest
Oct 12Global One = Label: No-Go
(News: Global One may unravel)
Oct 13Air France = Farce 'n air
Oct 14Random House = Around homes
Oct 15Virgin Air = I arriving
Oct 18Casio watch = Ciao! Swatch
Oct 19Pillsbury = Silly burp
Oct 20Sony Music = My! Sonic us = Noisy scum
Oct 21CDnow = Own CD
Oct 22Nissan Altima = Snail stamina
Oct 25Tower Records = Word secretor
Oct 26Doubleclick = Click be loud
Oct 27Intel, Microsoft = Economist flirt
Dow goes more digital
Oct 28Healtheon = Eh! Net Halo
Oct 29Computer Associates = Automatic processes

Nov 1999

Nov 1Lifesavers = Safer lives
Nov 2Whole Foods = Who's fooled?
Nov 3Verifone = Fire oven
Nov 4American Home Products = O! Modern pharmaceutics
Nov 5Suretrade = Treasured
Nov 8Princess Cruises = Scenic surprises
Nov 9Oldsmobile Alero = Miserable old loo
Nov 10Powershot = Worth pose
Nov 11Aeroflot = Fare: loot
Nov 12Greyhound = Young herd
Nov 15Eyes for U = Four eyes
Nov 16Copper Mountain = Computer on a pin
Nov 17Alcatel = Ate call
Nov 18Intellicast = Sell Titanic
Nov 19Siemens = Nemesis
Nov 22Microware = I'm rare cow
Nov 23Superscape = Pure spaces
Nov 24Geoworks = Egos work
Nov 25Interwoven = Vote winner
Nov 26Microsoft WebTV = Cow-form bites TV
Nov 29Prudential = Real pundit
Nov 30Little Caesar's = Stale articles

Dec 1999

Dec 1Electronic Arts = Least incorrect
Dec 2General Mills = Angel's miller
Dec 3Newscorp = Crows pen
(contrast with New York Times = Monkeys write)
Dec 6DirecTV = TV cried
Dec 7PhotoSmart = Motto: Sharp
Dec 8Loral Space & Communications = O man! O man!! Circuits collapse
Dec 9Olympus = So lumpy
Dec 10Comsat Corporation = Compatriot racoons
Dec 13General Dynamics = Legendry maniacs
Dec 14Telesat = Seattle
Dec 15Fidelity = Fit yield
Dec 16Real Networks = Lowest ranker
Dec 17Third Voice = Thrice void
Dec 20Nickelodeon = Indolence OK
Dec 21Learjet = Real jet
Dec 22ReplayTV = TV player
Dec = Mormon sect
Dec 24Sikorsky = O! Risk sky
Dec 27Scient = Nicest
Dec 28Andromedia = Random Idea
Dec 29NetCheque = Tech. Queen
Dec 30iCat Corporation = Patriot racoon
Dec 31Year Two Thousand = A year to shutdown

Jan 2000

Jan = Nice sum, boss
(the domain sold for $7.5 million)
Jan 4PhotoEssentials = Snapshot so elite
Jan 5Hallmark, Inc. = Charm all kin
Jan 6Probotics = Boot PC, Sir
Jan 7American Greetings = Engineers magic art
Jan 10Wacom = Cow, Ma!
Jan 11America Online + Time Warner = Now, I'm a nicer neater mailer
(AOL, Time Warner join forces)
Jan 12Extensity = Sex entity
Jan 13Gateway = Get away
Jan 14Caminus = Manic us
Jan 17AT&T Wireless = Writes tales
Jan 18Metropolitan Life Insurance = Influential contemporaries
Jan 19Transmeta = A smart net
Jan 20Universal Studios = Visual is nude sort
Jan 21Paramount Pictures = Upon amateur script
Jan 24Banana Republic = Annual bribe cap
Jan 25Medtronic = Medic torn
Jan 26Extensis = Is net sex
Jan 27Thinkpad = Kind path
Jan 28Veritas = It raves
Jan = Amateur doctor

Feb 2000

Feb 1Charles Schwab = Crash blew cash
Feb 2Universal Pictures = Surplus in creative
Feb = I connect ample
Feb 4CertifiedTime = Time rectified
Feb 7Cinemax = Mexican
Feb 8Metrocall, Inc. = Intercom call
Feb 9Teligent, Inc. = Lice netting
Feb 10Cinerama = American
Feb 11Tower Air, Inc. = Erratic wino
Feb 14The Microsoft Corporation = Motto: Rich fornicates poor!
Feb 15WebMethods = Show me debt
Feb 16Agillion, Inc. = I'll gain coin
Feb 17Netdrive = Even dirt
Feb 18International Business Machines = Secret businessman annihilation
Feb 21Lipstream = Rips metal
Feb 22Vstream = Smear TV
Feb 23RealCall = All-clear
Feb = Forget ace men
Feb 25Alias|Wavefront = Lava in software
Feb 28Autonomy = Not you, Ma!
Feb 29Cidera = I'd care

Mar 2000

Mar 1Cheapbytes = Beach types
Mar 2Lineo, Inc. = Nice loin
Mar 3Caldera = Lead car
Mar 6Purple Yogi = Gory pile-up
Mar 7Linuxcare = Clear Unix
Mar 8Sendmail, Inc. = Nice and slim
Mar 9WebVision = View bison
Mar = Panoramic fume
Mar 13Nortel Networks = Loner treks town
Mar = Crass women
Mar 15DirectHit = Dirt ethic
Mar 16Cloudscape = Cad couples
Mar 17myCFO = Comfy
Mar 20iVillage = I give all
Mar 21Datek Online = Token denial
Mar 22Firepond = Fine drop
Mar 23Starmedia = Smart idea
Mar 24Ticketmaster = Tickets tamer
Mar = Read: common
Mar 28Continuus = Nut cousin
Mar 29Intertrust = I rent trust
Mar 30showNets = News shot

Apr 2000

Apr 3Northpoint Communications = Contains monotonic triumph
Apr 4Icarian = I, in a car
Apr = So manic
Apr 6MediaMetrix = A mixed merit
Apr = Hottest creme
Apr 10Ariba Technologies = Giant sociable hero
Apr 11Coollogic = Logo: colic
Apr 12Clearstation = Castrate lion
Apr 13Liberate = Real bite
Apr 14Extricity Software = Sexier, witty factor
Apr 17Entango = On agent
Apr = Madcap Idol
Apr 19Silverline = I, sniveller
Apr 27Yamaha = Ha! A yam
Apr 28Playskool = All spooky

May 2000

May 1Walt Disney = Wants yield
May 2Dreyfus = Dry fuse
May 3Keynote Systems = My! tests one's key
May 4National Discount Brokers = Darn! sales contribution ok
May 5Canon = No! can
May 8TD Waterhouse = Thus owe trade
May 9Priceline = Peril 'n ice
May 10Altavista = A vast tail
May 11Lycos = Sly Co.
May 12Ebay = A bye
May = O man! Am coz
May 16Mapquest = Amp quest
May 17Expedia = Die apex
May 18Travelocity = Try locative
May 19Bestfares = Safer bets
May 22Go Network = No! Get Work
May = O! I'm calm
May 24FlashNet = Shelf ant
May 25MediaXpress = A mixed press
May = I'm a fact born
May 29HostPRO = Hot Pros
May 30Juno Online Services = Is on juvenile censor
May 31Silverline Technologies = Oh! clientele is resolving

Jun 2000

Jun = I'm computer sparkle
Jun 2WAVO Corporation = O! war provocation
Jun 5Merriam Webster Dictionary = Sweet Mary! I'm brain director
Jun 6Sitara Networks = Now asterisk art
Jun 7Career Systems International = O! transient manly secretaries
Jun 8Howard Sloan Koller Group = Oh! so parallel groundwork
Jun 9MicroStrategy = Go try matrices
Jun 12Iridium = Drum III
Jun = Ad-hoc forms
Jun 14WebCriteria = I, a tribe crew
Jun = Economy endcap
Jun 16Penton = No pet 'n
Jun 19PSInet = I spent
Jun = Been camp tool
Jun 21BeyondSolutions, Inc. = Noisy slob continued
Jun = Go compare creator
Jun 23SourceForge = Foe scourger
Jun 26DuPont Performance Coatings = American products often pong!
Jun 27Banana Republic = Incapable urban
Jun 28Eddie Bauer = I, a beer dude
Jun 29Montgomery Ward = My! Grew to random
Jun 30Macy's Departmental Store = Randomly attempts crease

Jul 2000

Jul 3 Webtrends Enterprise Solutions = Bossiest entrepreneurs not wild
Jul 4 = Boo! now the cramped
Jul 5 = Sick? Germ trouble!
Jul 6 Entera = Neater
Jul 7 = Nice on MSDOS PC
Jul 10Quantum Snap Server = Manner puts quavers
Jul = Egomaniacs cringe term
Jul = Costs ample
Jul = Cools few Mr.
Jul = Roll cup IQ
Jul = Is not small peck
Jul 18ComVentures = Custom nerve
Jul 19UBS Capital = Is a club apt
Jul 20Thyme = e-myth
Jul 21Juniper Networks = Person write junk
Jul 24US West International = Leninist now saturate
Jul 25Cosine Communications = Economics in a miscount
Jul 26Invisible Worlds = Birds' vision well
Jul 27Lexibot = Tile box
Jul 28Bright Planet = Parent blight
Jul 31Cable and Wireless Communications = Landowner, I am inaccessible customer

Aug 2000

Aug 1Airlinx Communications = Minor anti-climax cousin
Aug 2Cybernet Medical = I'm a recycled bent
Aug 3ClaraNet = Can alert
Aug 4Hi-Way = I, a why
Aug 7Cybernet Internet Services = Tiny screen cretin, best-ever
Aug 8Holontech = Eh! no cloth
Aug 9OnStar = No! Rats
Aug 10Peoplesoft = Lots of peep
Aug 14Google = Go ogle
Aug 15Workscape = Wake corps
Aug 16Sapient = Panties
Aug 17Ceverything = Get 'very inch
Aug 18Nervewire = Never wire
Aug 21Luminant = Tamil nun
Aug 22Nextera = Rent axe
Aug 23Sierra Systems = Ramsey Sisters
Aug 24Synchrony = Shy 'n corny
Aug 25Redapt = Depart
Aug 28Tatung = Ant gut
Aug 29Veritas = I've arts/I starve
Aug 30Mobilesys = Messy boil
Aug 31Lightwave = Law giveth

Sep 2000

Sep 1Pandesic = Spaced in
Sep 4Powertel = We petrol
Sep 5Lightspeed = Help digest
Sep 6Luminate = Email nut
Sep 7InformIT = Minor fit
Sep 8Polyserve = Loves prey
Sep 11InterStar = Insert rat
Sep 12Brocade = Bar code
Sep 13Genuity = I, net guy
Sep 14Windows Me = New wisdom
Sep 15Bridgestone/Firestone = Best one for tire design?
Sep 18Intermedia = Dirt meanie
Sep 19Servicemaster = Receives smart
Sep 20Allstate Insurance = Rascal lieutenants
Sep 21Saga Software = Fat wage soars
Sep 22SyncSort = Snots cry
Sep 25Bridgestone = Goriest bend
Sep 26Droplets = Lord's pet
Sep 27DataReturn = Tuna trader
Sep 28SkillsVillage = Gives all-skill
Sep 29Taster's Choice = Ecstasic horse

Oct 2000

Oct 2Discover Card = Drives accord
Oct 3Netopia, Inc. = Inane topic
Oct 4Imation = I am Toni
Oct = I match among job
Oct 6Iplanet = Tale pin
Oct 9Moviefone = O! Fine Move
Oct 10Rackspace = Crap cakes
Oct 11Convergys Corporation = Governor to conspiracy
Oct 12NetCarrier = Rare cretin
Oct = TV Mosaic
Oct 16Comergent Technologies, Inc. = Chore neglecting economist
Oct 17Fannie Mae = Inane fame
Oct 18Pepsico = Pops + ice
Oct 19United Healthcare = Cure entitled, ha! ha!
Oct 20Inktomi = Omit ink
Oct 23Yipes Communications = Tiny musician compose
Oct 24InSage = Sin age
Oct 25idNames = Means ID
Oct 26Solid Data = Data idols
Oct 27Thuport Technologies = The hungriest protocol
Oct 30Mindbuilder = I'm unbridled
Oct 31Content Technologies = Gets hotel connection

Nov 2000

Nov 1Attunity, Inc. = Unity intact
Nov 2Network Engines = Seen networking
Nov 3Authentica = Aunt Cathie
Nov 6Aventis = Natives
Nov 7Anesta Corporation = An Actor's operation
Nov 8StarOffice = Office Tsar
Nov 9Datakey, Inc. = A naked city
Nov 10Surety Technologies = Shoo! gentle security
Nov 13PC Guardian = Panic Guard
Nov 14Nortran Pharmaceuticals, Inc. = Smart-alec anarchic on turnip
Nov 15Tellme Networks = Wall Street monk
Nov 16VoiceGenie = I've nice ego
Nov 17Ulticom = I'm clout
Nov = Come deviancy
Nov 21Vercomnet = Vector men
Nov 22Brience = Be nicer
Nov = Gone overt
Nov 24Telera = Relate
Nov 27Allaire Corp. = Local repair
Nov 28SpeechWorks = Shows pecker
Nov 29Crayola = Or a clay
Nov 30SpeechHost, Inc. = Phonetic chess

Dec 2000

Dec 1Infonautics = Infusion act
Dec 4Nuance = Ace nun
Dec 5Enuncia = I, nuance
Dec 6NHancement = Enchant men
Dec 7Contentville = Invent, collect
Dec 8Authorlink = Ritual honk
Dec 11Reactivity = Creativity
Dec 12Clarent = Central
Dec 13NetElation, Inc. = Lenient action
Dec 14Avistar = A TV airs
Dec 15Alation Systems, Inc. = Stately insomniacs
Dec 18Readthru = Dear Ruth
Dec 19Wego, Inc. = Cone wig
Dec 20Authors Choice = Choose haircut
Dec 21Firedrop = Fried Pro
Dec 22Impower = Wipe ROM
Dec 25Fiction Showcase = Two-inch fiascoes
Dec 26Aperian = Ear pain
Dec 27TimesTen = Ten items
Dec 28Viewpoint = I wipe no TV
Dec 29Content Technologies = Gets hotel connection

Jan 2001

Jan 1Cingular Wireless = Crawling leisures
Jan = Coy bum
Jan 3eGrail = I glare
Jan 4Netraverse = Rare events
Jan 5Coremetrics = Secret micro
Jan 8Symantec Corp. = Crest company
Jan 9Transora = Ants soar
Jan 10Genidocs = Nice dogs
Jan 11Maxspeed Corporation = On approximated score
Jan 12LiveVault = Evil Vault
Jan 15Broadbeam = Robbed a Ma
Jan 16Avantgo = Got a van?
Jan 17Neomar = Moaner
Jan 18Dataware = Wait, dear!
Jan 19Certicom Corporation = Moroccoo Practitioner
Jan 22Cendant = Can't end
Jan 23Interelate = Entire tale
Jan 24Popular Power = Wrap-up, loo rep'?
Jan 25Iridigm = I'm rigid
Jan = Belgium cloth
Jan 29VideoEye Corp. = Voiced: pro-eye
Jan = Maize cob
Jan 31LinkGuard = UK Darling!

Feb 2001

Feb 1WorldPay = WordPlay
Feb 2Punch Networks Corporation = Unknown chiropractor poets
Feb = Egomaniac Lug
Feb 6Webcrossing = Web's scoring
Feb 7Eyematic = Ya! Emetic!
Feb 8Lightsocket = Ghost tickle
Feb 9Favemail = Via flame
Feb 12Conversay = Save crony
Feb 13Neopoint = Pet onion
Feb 14RealCall = All-clear
Feb 15Comdisco = Do comics
Feb 16Viviance = Vain vice
Feb 19SmartEngine = Angriest men
Feb 20fusionOne = Union foes
Feb 21Covisint = Con visit
Feb 22The Daedalus Group = Persuaded to laugh
Feb 23Tibco Software = Bowties factor
Feb 26Silverado = Drive also/Evil roads
Feb 27Listerine = Resilient
Feb 28Tropicana = An apricot

Mar 2001

Mar 1Glucerna = Clean rug
Mar 2Cheerios = Echo rise
Mar 5Acxion, Inc. = Conic maxi
Mar 6Holiday Inn = Holy Indian
Mar 7Nature Valley = Try all avenue
Mar 8Homewood Suites = Wet odious homes
Mar 9Hampton Inn = Phantom Inn
Mar 12Cathay Pacific = If icy, cap cat. Ha!
Mar 13One World = Old owner
Mar 14Fisher-Price = Chirp is free
Mar 15Motley Fool = Fly me to loo
Mar 16Adflight = Fight lad
Mar 19Architag = Ah! Tragic
Mar 20Phocuswright, Inc. = Throwing hiccups
Mar 21Fastwater = Tears waft
Mar 22Boardwatch = Bath coward
Mar 23Quios, Inc. = IQ Cousin
Mar 26Adero = Adore
Mar 27DataDirect Networks, Inc. = It reinstated crackdown
Mar 28CompuBank = Unpack mob
Mar 29E-mercial = Real mice
Mar 30Eyeball Networks, Inc = Nicely workable nets

Apr 2001

Apr 2Geomatrix = Ragtime ox
Apr 3Inlumen = Menu: nil
Apr 4iValidate = Vital idea
Apr 5Adero = Adore
Apr 6Citigroup = I court pig
Apr 9Glonet Systems, Inc. = Consistently gems
Apr 10Captus Networks = Stock wasn't pure
Apr 11Chutney Technologies = Use ethnic technology
Apr 12EnGenius Tech = Genuine Techs
Apr 13Centricity = Trite cynic
Apr 16Atheros Communications = Sanctimonious chromate
Apr 17McDonald's Restaurants = Uncle Sam's standard rot
Apr 18Delta Airlines = I land earliest!
Apr 19Lufthansa = Fatal huns
Apr 20Virgin Atlantic = Via 'n intact girl
Apr 23Viagra Impotency Drug = Going up - Very dramatic!
Apr 24Planet Hollywood = Hell, not Woody, pal!
Apr 25International Business Machines Corporation = Noisiest, inane computers crash. Brain? Notional
Apr 26Aeroflot = Fear tool
Apr 27KLM Royal Dutch Airlines = Land hairy - kill customers
Apr 30Delta Airlines = Ideal Latrines

May 2001

May 1Toyota Landcruiser = O, dusty oriental car
May 2Newcastle Brown Ale = Locals want new beer
May 3Andrex Toilet Tissue = Sex-duties to latrine!
May 4Lea and Perrins = Innard pleaser
May 7Virgin Atlantic Airlines = Instil cavalier training
May 8Singapore Airlines = Pioneer Asian girls
May 9British Airways = Was bit hairy, sir?
May 10Aer Lingus = Agile runs
May 14McDonald's Burgers = Ronald: "BSE, MSG, crud!"
May 15American Airlines = In earlier, maniacs?
May 16A McDonald's Burger = Real dog and crumbs!
May 17The McDonald's Corporation = Motto: Ronald's rancid epoch
May 18The Monsanto Corporation = No monitor on catastrophe?
May 21The Microsoft Corporation = Horror of Competition Acts
May 22First Alliance Co. Ltd. = I collar daft clients
May 23Tesco Supermarkets = Steak seems corrupt
May 24Foote Cone Belding' = No client beef? Good!
May 25Cosmopolitan = O, cool man tips!
May 28Esquire Magazine = I'm a Queen-size rag
May 29Roast beef = Eat for BSE
May 30Air France = I ran farce

Jun 2001

Jun 4Minolta = I'm tonal
Jun 5Konica Camera = Cocaine karma
Jun 6"Winston tastes good like a cigarette should" = The end glows, idiot. Attacks lungs easier, too!
Jun 7Symantec Corporation = Try on American PCs too?
Jun 8Toyota Land Cruiser = Does a country trail
Jun 11Philip Morris USA = Hi, a lump sir? So, R.I.P.
Jun 12Scottish & Newcastle = Taste, then down classic!
Jun 13"The World's Favourite Airline" = Wish ruin, die? Travel Aeroflot!
(British Airways' tag line)
Jun 15"Nothing over sixpence" = Grin: "Och, not expensive!"
(Woolworths' tag line)
Jun 18Dot-com shares = O, most crashed!
Jun 19Three Valleys Water Company = Ahem! Spew recently? Lavatory!
Jun 20"More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette" = "Cancer stick soothes throat!" Gee, met money, amoral Dr?
Jun 21Advertising Standards Authority = TV guardian: So it isn't shady trader?
Jun 22GlaxoSmithKline = Hell, mix giants, OK?
Jun 25Bord Gais Eireann = Boring ideas earn!
Jun 26Mercedes Benz A-class = Calm. Sees bend? Crazes!
Jun 27The McDonalds Corporation = Crap motto: nice dosh, Ronald!
Jun 28Royal Shakespeare Company = Yeoman, reappear as Shylock
Jun 29"Stop me and buy one" = Pound notes, maybe?
(Walls Ice Cream's tag line)

Jul 2001

Jul 2The Google Search Engine = Oh, cheer Net-logging ease!
Jul 3The Compleat Angler = Tell the carp: "Game on!"
Jul 4Cigarette advertising = Creating 'grave' ditties
Jul 5Novartis Pharmaecuticals = Marvelous piranha tactics
Jul = Yo! Mule crux
Jul 9The John Lewis Partnership = What, slip in Peter Jones, HRH?
Jul 10Mackeson Stout = Stunk? Comatose!
Jul 11Tobacco advertising = Boost cancer, avid git
Jul 12Innerhost = Hot sinner
Jul 13Via Networks = Natives work
Jul 16Interland = I rent land
Jul 17Alleycat News = Cleanest yawl
Jul 18CI Host = Hi cost
Jul 19Saga Holidays = So, a daily shag?
Jul 20United Technologies = The cloud engine; Otis
(Pratt & Whitney, Otis elevators)
Jul 23Universal Pictures = Values Cruise print
Jul 24Byte and Switch = Synthetic bawd
Jul 25Infotonic = No fiction
Jul 26Miva Corporation = I'm vain poor actor
Jul 27Universal Studios = Sound, visual rites
Jul 30F5 Networks = Newt's fork
Jul 31Railtrack plc = Crack: I'll part

Aug 2001

Aug 1Kingston Communications = Notion - skimming accounts?
Aug 2Nycomed Amersham = Scan mad memory, eh?
Aug 3Perot Systems = Met Ross types?
Aug 6Virgin Atlantic = Is clean living an irritant?
Aug 7British Airways Concorde = Crew say it is rich on board
Aug 8Apple Computer Corporation = Am I a corrupt PC or not, people?
Aug 9JD Wetherspoon PLC = Help 'down' projects
Aug 10Curl Corporation = O! Circular proton
Aug 13Power Macintosh = Tosh! I'm a PC owner
Aug 14Great Universal Stores = Turnover gets salaries!
Aug 15Thompson Travel Group = PR motto: No shaver-plug!
Aug 16Public Relations = I practise bull, no?
Aug 17Natural Voices = Saliva counter
Aug 20Vodaphone Air Touch = Oh! proven audio chat
Aug 21Royal Dutch Shell Group = Pulled cars thoroughly
Aug 22Imperial Chemical Industries = Delirium! capitalism enriches!
Aug 23Rentokil Initial = I kill in attire, no?
Aug 24British American Tobacco = Hit at barbaric economics!
Aug 27Interop = No tripe
Aug 28Associated British Foods = Had idiots boss factories
Aug 29Royal Bank of Scotland Group = Nasty GB Dracula: "No poor folk!"
Aug 30The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company = Ah, egomania! Liner men don't salute navy captains in port!
Aug 31Public Relations = Crap, built on lies

Sep 2001

Sep 3The International Space Station = I train that telescope on NASA tin
Sep 4The Intel Corporation = Tailor one rotten chip
Sep 5Microsoft Technical Support = Con, from culprit's pathetic OS
Sep 6British Telecommunications plc = Hum... nice bill. Protectionist scam?
Sep 7Peninsular & Oriental Steam = I learnt marine sales not up?
Sep 10British Telecommunications plc = Competitors in cable? I slit, munch
Sep 11British Telecommunications plc = TNT claims mobile phone circuits
Sep 12Peninsular & Oriental Steam = As liner men salute in a port
Sep 13Hewlett-Packard Company = We make that crappy LCD, no?
Sep 14Sun Microsystems = Costs mess - my ruin
Sep 17Apple Computer, Inc. = Laptop PC? Me, I run CE!
Sep 18Mitsubishi Corporation = I prohibit crimson autos!
Sep 19Toyota Motor Corporation = O-o, too-tarty car promotion?
Sep 20Deutsche Telekom AG = Hug esteemed Talk Co.
Sep 21Credit Lyonnais = Nice dirty loans
Sep 24Great Universal Stores = Serves regulation rats
Sep 25"The Singapore Girl" = Hear pilot snigger!
Sep 26Quickbrowse = Bows quicker
Sep 27Silicon Graphics, Inc. = Aligns IC on RISC chip
Sep 28Nissan Motor Company Ltd. = Tipsy madman on controls

Oct 2001

Oct 1The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd = Fit kit? Oh, my Honda's best-built, OK!
Oct 2Apple Computer, Inc. = I pun: complete crap!
Oct 3Great Universal Stores = Vile return, Argos asset?
Oct 4Nissan Motor Company Ltd. = Nasty old imports, con man?
Oct 5France Télécom SA = See formal accent?
Oct 8Prudential Corporation plc = Corruption, no idle claptrap?
Oct 9National Westminster Bank plc = Pant: "Rank scam, we nett billions!"
Oct 10Nippon Steel Corporation = No iron, tin, copper apostle
Oct 11Novartis Group = Top organ virus
Oct 12Adobe Systems, Inc. = Bosses mendacity
Oct 15Adolph Coors Company = Drool, hops accompany!
Oct 16Alltel Corporation = Call to polar, orient
Oct 17Wendy's International Inc. = Dinner-wait annoys client
Oct 18Wells Fargo & Co. = Log slow farce
Oct 19The Walt Disney Company = What, not dynamic, Sleepy?
Oct 22CBS Corporation = Boost, circa porn
Oct 23Waste Management, Inc. = Sit, WC man, get an enema!
Oct 24Lidl Supermarkets = Milk, strudel, pears!
Oct 25General Motors Corporation = Lor! Go, monster car operation!
Oct 26Adobe Systems, Inc. = Say, I'm second-best!
Oct 29Tesco Supermarkets = Tesco Supermarkets = Rose; steak; crumpets!
Oct 30British Telecommunications plc = Critic: list mobile phone scam, nut!
Oct 31Adolph Coors Company = Ah! company's cool drop

Nov 2001

Nov 1Staffware plc = PC waffle star!
Nov 2Six Continents plc = Clip next inn's cost
Nov 5Stagecoach plc = Catch, go places
Nov 6Alltel Corporation = Caller ratio on plot
Nov 7Wendy's International Inc. = No latrine 'yawn' incidents?
Nov 8The Equitable Life Assurance Society = Is it safe? Reality: late cheques bounce
(ELAS has a £1.5b hole in its accounts after promising, and failing, to pay guaranteed fixed amounts into pensioners' funds)
Nov 9The Kansai Electric Power Company, Inc. = Nippon shock: a raw electricity menace!
Nov 12Adobe Systems, Inc. = Many bosses cited
Nov 13Adolph Coors Company = A cool drop, psycho man
Nov 14Alltel Corporation = Role, patriot? On-call!
Nov 15Consignia = Gain coins
Nov 16Marconi Corporation plc = Crap! or, cool it Mr - no panic!
Marconi posts a £5.1b loss
Nov 19Microsoft Windows XP = Worm downs PC, so fix it!
Nov 20Barclay's Bank plc = Barclay's Bank plc
Nov 21Dictaphone Corporation = To ponder archaic option?
Nov 22The Boeing Company = Begin economy path
(job losses at Boeing)
Nov 23Eastman Kodak Company = Dekko anatomy, snap-cam'!
Nov 26Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. = Alarm! Twisters con!
Nov 27Bethlehem Steel Corporation = The complete iron-ore blast, eh?
Nov 28Chrysler Corporation = Oh, corner sportily, car!
Nov 29United States Tobacco, Inc. = Doc: 'Nicotine acts at tubes'
Nov 30Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. = Aristocrats running Taco Bell?

Dec 2001

Dec 3Union Pacific Corporation = Coin in a cornucopia of trip?
Dec 4Union Carbide Corporation = Or, 'curb Indian operation Co.'
Dec 5Tupperware Corporation = Rice, prune or potato wrap
Dec 6Dillard Department Stores = Damndest, prettier dollars!
Dec 7Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. = Burnt eatings? Calls to carrion!
Dec 10ASDA Supermarkets = Rump steaks are sad
Dec 11Mary Kay Cosmetics = To icy, creamy masks
Dec 16Microsoft Windows XP = Fix worst, dim PC OS now!
Dec 17Radisson Hotels = Doss in rat-holes
Dec 18Friendship Inns = Dinner's pinfish
Dec 19United States Tobacco, Inc. = Ditto, t'cocaine substance!
Dec 20Barclay's Bank plc = BBC calls pay "rank"
Dec 21Dictaphone Corporation = Doh! a copier contraption!
Dec 24The Boeing Company = Bygone top machine
(Airbus now #1)
Dec 26Power Macintosh = Saw PC monitor, eh?
Dec 27Choice Hotels International = On ale? O, retch in china toilets!
Dec 28Orient-Express Hotels = Enrol hosts' expertise!
Dec 31Loews Hotels = Lowest holes

Jan 2002

Jan 1Cingular Wireless = Crawling leisures
Jan = Coy bum
Jan 3eGrail = I glare
Jan 4Netraverse = Rare events
Jan 8Symantec Corp. = Crest company
Jan 9Transora = Ants soar
Jan 10Great North Eastern Railway Limited = Train-wheels' rotary rattle imagined
Jan 11First Great Eastern = Greet faster trains
Jan 14Comfort Inns = Non-firm cots
Jan 15Serena Hotels = Eastern holes
Jan 16Microsoft Windows XP = I'm down? Fix worst PC OS.
Jan 17DoubleTree Hotels = Oo, tulle beds there!
Jan 18Loews Hotels = So hello, West!
Jan 21Great North Eastern Railway Limited = Try idle Harrowgate steam-train line
Jan 23The Boeing Company = Pentagon: "Hi, come by!"
Jan 29United States Tobacco, Inc. = So, I detect, tout cannabis!

Feb 2002

Feb 6Suite Connection = Cuisine? O, content!
Feb 7DoubleTree Hotels = Obsolete Elder hut
Feb 8Serena Hotels = No 'Tree' hassle!
Feb 11Marriott Hotels = Motorist-halter
Feb 12Four Seasons = Snores of USA
Feb 13Furama Hotels = Restful, Omaha?
Feb 14Inter-Continental = Entertain Clinton
Feb 15The Boeing Company = Not cheap, big money!
Feb 18Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. = Trim, lean cost-wars
Feb 19Marriott Hotels = 'Let this room' art!
Feb 20Comfort Inns = Tons confirm
Feb 21Lexington Suites = Next guest in, Lois!
Feb 22The Enron Corporation = Horror! note panic tone!
Feb 25Smith and Nephew = Damn hips went, eh?
(makers of artificial hips)
Feb 26Anglo American plc = Replacing coal, man?
Feb 27The Enron Corporation = Coin, or earn, pronto!
Feb 28Intercontinental Hotels = Incontinent? Hostel alert!

Mar 2002

Mar 1 Cable and Wireless plc = We send Alec crap bills!
Mar 4Princess International = A nit snarls in reception
Mar 5Kingfisher plc = Filching perks!
Mar 6Radisson Hotels = Rent his sad loos
Mar 7First Great Eastern = Greet safer transit
Mar 8Cadbury Schweppes = Screwed-up by chaps
Mar 11Doolittle and Dalley = Land deal yield - Lotto!
Mar 12Kempinski Hotels = Kip? O, mint Shekels!
Mar 13Radisson Hotels = This load snores!
Mar 14Microsoft Word = iformworst.doc
Mar 15Oldsmobile Alero = Obese dollar limo
Mar 18First Great Eastern = Er, get faster trains!
Mar 19Rackspace = Packs care
Mar 20Oldsmobile Alero = Saleroom bled oil
Mar 21ScotRail Railways Limited = Daily crawl, it is some trial
Mar 22Great North Eastern Railway Limited = Late? Norm: irritating weather delays
Mar 25The Weather Channel = The Wealth Enhancer
Mar = It's me, grocer.
Mar 27Cable News Networks = Screen now talks Web
Mar 28Pimlico Plumbers = Cop premium bills!
Mar 29Toyota Prius = Story: Utopia!

Apr 2002

Apr 1Cessna Aircrafts Company = Craftsman copies canary
Apr 2Oldsmobile Alero = Lose oil? Blame 'rod!
Apr 3Airbus Industrie = Diatribe ruin us
Apr 4BDO Stoy Hayward = Row at shady body
Apr 5The New Piper Aircraft, Inc. = Cheap new part in? Terrific!
Apr 8American Home Products = Chairman: "Customer? Dope!"
Apr 9Piper Saratoga = Irate prop' saga
Apr 10The Kensington Hilton = Thinks: "No linen? Ghetto!"
Apr 11Piper Seminole = I'm risen, people!
Apr 12"Sainsbury's - Making life taste better!" = Feast, sir: Butter; yeast; beans; milk; gin.
Apr 15Reader's Digest = Registered ads
Apr 16Cotton Traders = Rotted cartons
Apr 17Morgan Stanley = Analyst-monger
Apr 18The Daily Telegraph = Ah! ill-targeted hype
Apr 19General Protection Fault = To corrupt an elegant file?
Apr 22Windows Media Player = I displayed raw women!
Apr 23Brakspear Special Bitter = Is cask-beer tippler at bar?
Apr 24Ericsson Mobile Phones = So, so incomprehensible
Apr 25Samsung Mobile Phones = An' gossips mumble on, eh?
Apr 26Nokia Mobile Phones = Open a Helsinki boom!
Apr 29Motorola Mobile Phones = Tap-room: "I'll be home soon!"
Apr 30National Association of Funeral Directors = Or, art as a union incinerates a cool old stiff

May 2002

May 1Ericsson Mobile Phones = Sonic noise problems, eh?
May 2Microsoft Excel = ToCoerceIMF.xls
May 3Merriam Webster Dictionary = May cite brainier word terms
May 6Stella Artois Lager = Toast real girls' ale!
May 7"London's Oldest Restaurant" = Stand Londoner, toast "Rules"!
May 8Samsung Mobile Phones = Oh, go businessmen! Palm
May 9Goose Island Anniversary Ale = "Year's Nirvana!" (Good sales line?)
May 10Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger = Gem on his hand, pipes fresh beer
May 13Microsoft Excel = FeteMicroCo.xls
May 14Ericsson Mobile Phones = O, sonic bleep noises, Mr!
May 15Mars Incorporated = Astronomer: ID crap
May 16Microsoft Incorporated = Root-into firm's crap code
May 17The Exxon Corporation = Non-toxic operator? Hex!
May 20South African Breweries = Horrific brews nauseate
May 21De Vere Hotels = These're loved!
May 22Safeway Supermarkets = We pay US steak-farmers!
May 23Angus Steak House = Gosh! Nauseates UK!
May 24The Exxon Corporation = Hi, pox on one extractor!
May 27South African Breweries = Hi, FOUR cans? Beer is water!
May 28Microsoft Incorporated = O, do fit errors into PC & Mac!
May 29The Gleneagles Hotel = He'll hog elegant tees
May 30Greene King Abbot Ale = Take beer-binge, Anglo!
May 31'Bread wi' nowt taken out' = Wow! Note UK at bran diet!

Jun 2002

Jun 3'Tobacco is our middle name' = Communicate bloodier ads
Jun 4The Lockheed-Martin Corporation = Phantom contractor: "Die, hero-like!"
(Lockheed F-4 Phantom)
Jun 5International Paper = Pen a print rationale
Jun 6Goldman Sachs Group = Mugs' grand cash-pool!
Jun 7AOL Time Warner = Material owner
Jun 10'Tobacco is our middle name' = Doc: mendacious tar mob lie
Jun 11Capitol Records = Coal Porter disc?
Jun 12AOL Time Warner = A writer: "A lemon!"
(Just look at the share price...)
Jun 13'Tobacco is our middle name' = Carcinoma doubt? Some lied!
Jun 14Weather Channel = Whale Enchanter
Jun 17Carlton Television = It's lot ran violence
Jun 18Capitol Records = Cool art's priced
Jun 19AOL Time Warner = Or, new e-mail art!
Jun 20'Tobacco is our middle name' = O, dim! Aim's to double cancer
Jun 21Classmates = Class Teams
Jun 24The Martha Stewart Shop = What store Mrs, that heap?
Jun 25The Financial Times = "A fine scam hit Intel!"
Jun 26ImClone Systems = Me, in costly mess?
Jun 27Royal Academy of Dramatic Art = RADA: a mad limey actor factory
Jun 28Baldwins Plumbers Merchants = Bell? Mind rush, brass tap, WC men!

Jul 2002

Jul 1Advertising slogans = Raving sods' tag-lines
Jul 2Securities and Exchange Commission = Ah, administering US economic excess!
Jul 3'Bread wi' nowt taken out' = A baked nutrient to WOW!
Jul 4Capitol Records = Piccolo traders
Jul 5'Tobacco is our middle name' = So, mob circulated on media
Jul 8The Financial Times = Hi, maniac in Fleet St!
Jul 9Capitol Records = Credit solo crap
Jul 10Tyco International Ltd. = Traditionally content
Jul 11Amp, Inc. = I'm 'n a PC
Jul 12Toshiba = Oh! baits
Jul 15Carlton Television = Loons interact - live!
Jul 16Corus Hotels = O! cruel hosts.
Jul 17South African Breweries = A wit: "Our beer franchises?"
Jul 18Granada Television = Adverts lie again, no?
Jul 19More American accounting scandals = Uncle Sam acting on record scam?
Jul 22Meridian Broadcasting = O, man! disgraced Britain
Jul 23Anglia Television = A lingo, live in East
Jul 24Granada Television = Advertise on Anglia!
Jul 25Scottish Television = Hi! it slots on-set vice
Jul 26Meridian Broadcasting = And so, Britain grimaced
Jul 29Tesco Online Shopping = Isn't English Co-op open?
Jul 30Ajilon Consulting = On signal join cult
Jul 31Accenture = Enact cure

Aug 2002

Aug 1KPMG Consulting = Pong kings mulct
Aug 2Micropath, Inc. = I'm crotch pain
Aug 5Doubleday = Loaded buy
Aug 6Hyperion Solutions = Spin notoriously, eh?
Aug 7Penguin Putnam, Inc. = Input menacing pun
Aug 8Viagra Impotency Drug = my, ravaging pictured!
Aug 9Alta Vista free Internet Service = Line treats? Fate: server inactive!
Aug 12Google Groups = Purges googol
Aug = Melodic mate
Aug 14Avalon Books = Also, Nabokov
Aug 15Pricewatch = I, PC Watcher
Aug 16Anagram International, Inc. = National American ranting
Aug 19Dealtime = Idle team
Aug 20Cisco Systems = Messy IC costs
Aug 213Com Corporation = Moronic poor act
Aug 22Pricescan = Nice Craps
Aug 23Oracle Corporation = A poor correctional
Aug 26Anagram International, Incorporated = Rating: Top aerator in American land, no?!
Aug 27Saab Automobile = I am a usable boot
Aug 28Peugeot Cars = Great coupes
Aug 29Superior Balloon Company = Rally-room bonus - a nice pop!
Aug 30Swanwick London Area Control Centre = Oceanic sector: "Land on known trawler!"

Sep 2002

Sep 2Atlas Van Lines = Vast snail lane
Sep 3Overture = Veer tour
Sep 4Kanoodle = OK on deal
Sep 5Chiltern Hills Mineral Water = Ill, Mr? Hear cretin shat in well!
Sep 6Wonderbra = Wore brand?
Sep 9The Aga cooker = O, hot-cake gear!
Sep 10ntlworld News Service = Will scent server down?
Sep 11Wonderbra = Worn bared
Sep 12Alliance UniChem Plc = Enhance calcium pill
Sep 13Alcatel Optronics S.A. = Occasional splatter
Sep 16ProMotion, Inc. = Coo! I'm on print
Sep 17Rayethon Company = Yon army: "Not cheap!"
Sep 18The Coca Cola Company = Yo! map cool can cachet!
Sep 19Digigami = I, a dim gig
Sep 20Ligos Corp. = Pig colors
Sep 23Knight Ayton Management = That money-agent king, man!
Sep 24Optibase, Inc. = Basic Pointe
Sep 25The Oxford English Dictionary = Ah friend, try this good lexicon!
Sep 26Rayethon Company = O! pay yon merchant
Sep 27The Student Loans Company = Stolen on campus? Deny that!

Oct 2002

Oct 1Oxford Bus Company = Hop-on my crude, fast box
Oct 2Metlife = Feel Tim
Oct 3Macromedia Incorporated = Arid, academic 'Net-pro room
Oct 4Pepsico = Pop-ices
Oct 7New York Life Insurance Company = Knife-play? You win, necromancers!
Oct 8American Electric Power = We're in core malpractice!
Oct 9Texas Instruments = Sexist nutters, man!
Oct 10Knight Ayton Management = That money-making gannet!
Oct 11Value City = Ya! I've cult
Oct 14IKEA Worldwide = I walked weirdo
Oct 15Primark Stores = Ark's importers
Oct = Oh! gem caged
Oct 17The Home Depot = Eh! Opt demo
Oct 28American Carpet Mills = Replace mats, criminal
Oct 29Lowe's Home = Wholesome
Oct 30Premier Furnace Company = Fire-up rap may concern me
Oct 31Power Lift = Write: Flop

Nov 2002

Nov 1Target Stores = Greatest sort
Nov 4Metamucil = I'm lame cut
Nov 5Topsail Cruises = Tropical Issues
Nov 6Old Spice deodorants = Decades old portions
Nov 7Cover Girl = River clog
Nov 8Alldays = Ally ads
Nov 11Pringles chips = Crisp helpings
Nov 12Airflow Mattress, Inc. = Claim: now starts fire
Nov 13Dairy Crest = Trades, I cry!
Nov 14Bombardier Recreational Products = Me, sir? "Bad Car-Trouble Incorporated!"
Nov 15Toronto Dominion Bank = Motto: I rob kin on and on
Nov 18Regent Consulting = Eggs-on runt client
Nov 19Royal and Sun Alliance = Union: "A scandal, really"
Nov 20Windsor House = O, who's insured?
Nov 21Continental Airlines Incorporated = A trainee controller is in - Don't panic!
Nov 22The Selfridge Hotel = I'd flog thee shelter

Dec 2002

Dec 9American Water Heater Group = I warn: reach a temperature? Go!
Dec 10Philips Electronics = Price pitch is no sell
Dec 11Benleva Hotel, Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire = A hundred nice northern malts visible? Oh serve!
Dec 12The DaimlerChrysler Maybach = "My Thrill" by a Mercedes Car? Hah!
Dec 13Armstrong Air Conditioning = Indoor CO gas? Ring Martin, nit!
Dec 16The New York Times = Meet with Yonkers
Dec 19Philips Electronics = Price pitch is no sell
Dec 20Philips Electronics = Tell: chips precision
Dec 23Richer Sounds = I shun records
Dec 24Firestone Tires = Tse-tse, inferior!
Dec 25Panasonic = Scan piano
Dec 26Continental Airlines Incorporated = I pioneer cool transatlantic dinner
Dec 27Richer Sounds = Insure chords
Dec 30The Ford Motor Company = Forty MPH car mooted, no?
Dec 31Eastman Kodak Company = Named: a top Yank scam, OK?

Jan 2003

Jan 1London Heathrow Airport = Hop to Iran, another world
Jan 2"Designed for living" (Ford slogan) = If so - driving legend!
Jan 3Eastman Kodak Company = Say, madam kept Canon, OK?
Jan 6Richer Sounds = Consider rush
Jan 7"Engineered to last" (Ford slogan) = Eldest generation?
Jan 8The Ford Motor Company = Mondeo factory - hot RPM!
Jan 9Stocks and shares = Darn asset shocks
Jan 10The Open University Business School = British venue helps issue tycoons, no?
Jan 13The Miss USA Pageant = Gape at Nisse (Ms Utah)
Jan 14Britannic Assurance plc = Critics pan balances? Run!
Jan 15New York Stock Exchange = Cocky geeks annex worth
Jan 20The McDonalds Corporation = Child: "O, damn 'Scooter' part, no?"
Jan 21Agis Enterprises Co. Inc = Recite scraping noises
Jan 22Cambridge SoundWorks = God, sadism. We burn rock!
Jan 23Richer Sounds = Our CD shrines
Jan 27Four Seasons Hotel = Use Sheraton, fools!
Jan 28Glen Electric Ltd = Decent Celtic grill
Jan 29Heathrow Terminal Five = Hi! wave 'n arm to the flier!
Jan 30Northwest Airlines Incorporated = Captain: 'Dinner error - show toilets'.
Jan 31AOL TimeWarner = A writer: "A lemon!"

Feb 2003

Feb 3Department of Trade and Industry = Firm: "Nanny, trusted to add red tape!"
Feb 4AT&T Laboratories = A laborer: "Toast it!"
Feb 5AOL TimeWarner = Earn a low merit
Feb 6Shimano American Corp = A poor mechanic in, mars
Feb 7Northwest Airlines Incorporated = Sit, wine, land on Rochester airport
Feb 10Spryance = Racy pens
Feb 11Ridgeway Steel Fabricators, Inc. = Facing restricted boilers? Away!
Feb 12Rheem Manufacturing Co = Mum: 'I get furnace char, no?'
Feb 13Happy Meals in McDonalds = Means a damn sloppy child
Feb 14Colonel Sanders = Dollars on scene?
Feb 17Eastman Kodak Company = A tacky snap mode, OK man?
Feb 26Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken = Profiteering chicanery kick - nickel due?

Mar 2003

Mar 3Research Dynamics = Scary red machines
Mar 4Northwest Airlines Incorporated = Sweet ride on North Carolina trips!
Mar 5Planet Hollywood restaurants = 'Lethal Weapon' stars' loud try-on
Mar 6 Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia = Or, view that maladministering, Ma'!
(Losses of $2m for the last quarter against a $5m profit)
Mar 7Pacific Gas and Electric = Cap calefacient grid's IC
Mar 17Handspring, Inc. = Hard sinning PC
Mar 24Comfort Inn Hotels = Host: confirm let, no?
Mar 25Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries = Our arrangement: oil's oozing out. Fix, net top price
Mar 26Continental Airlines Incorporated = ATC: "I noted nine errors, Captain. Ill, no?"
Mar 27Planet Hollywood restaurants = 'Woody Allen on plates!' hurt star
Mar 28"Say it with flowers" = Swiftly, with a rose
(Interflora slogan)
Mar 31"Better gas mileage. A Civic responsibility" = Initiate big magic - Less petrol, service-bay
(Honda slogan)

Apr 2003

Apr 1The Goodyear Blimp = Good-bye, limp earth
Apr 2Pacific Gas and Electric = Facing Arctic places? Die!
Apr 14Thistle Hotels plc = Celt host's hell-pit
Apr 15Custom Buoyancy Inc. = Scuba tycoon: My cu. in.
Apr 16Maranello Sales Limited = Isle's Modena retail mall
Apr 21Bryant Homes = Robs the many
Apr 22The Goodyear Blimp = Pilot? My, he rode bag!
Apr 23Lex Pharmaceutical, Inc. = Cranium ache? Exact pill!

May 2003

May 1"Fly the friendly skies." = Henry killed? Yes, stiff!
(United Airlines slogan)
May 2"Let your fingers do the walking." = Hand tours, likely growing feet!
(Yellow Pages slogan)
May 5"A little dab'll do ya" = Totally bald? Ideal!
(Slogan for Brylcreem)
May 6"Courtesy and care" = Cue: crest any road
(Slogan for Automobile Association)
May 7"The World's Favourite Airline" = Vie, worth four Delta Airlines
(Slogan for British Airways)
May 26The Financial Times = Lichtenstein, Mafia?
May 27Columbia Broadcasting Systems = A tidy combo: Uncle Sam's big stars!
May 28Detroit Free Press = It feeds reporters
May 29The Washington Post = Ah, tonight's top news!
May 30The Intel processor = This electron poser

Jun 2003

Jun 2Netto Supermarkets = Rate unkempt stores?
Jun 3Aprimo, Inc. = I, Pro Manic
Jun 4Siemens Mobile Phones = Slim, beeps in one's home
Jun 5Atesto, Inc. = Nice toast
Jun 6CaseCentral = Cancel tears
Jun 9Fidesic Corporation = Episodic Fornicator
Jun 10Vividence Corp. = Vice Driven Cop
Jun 11Goldman Sachs = Logs damn cash!
Jun 18Sony Corporation = O-o, poor tranny ICs
Jun 19NEC mobile phones = Oh, bleeps coin, men!
Jun 20New York Times = New story, Mike?
Jun 23"Drivers wanted" (VW slogan) = Ad-writer vends
Jun 24The Intel processor = Oh, lots resent price!
Jun 25"Because I'm worth it" (L'Oréal slogan) = With atomiser cube?
Jun 26"Nothing runs like a Deere" (John Deere slogan) = Ah, no-like understeering?
Jun 30Inchcape = Cheap, Inc.

Jul 2003

Jul 1Computerland UK = Undercut Palm, OK?
Jul 2Digital Animations = It's imagination, lad!
Jul 3Universal Salvage = Silver value, a snag?
Jul 4Cassidy Brothers = Toys crash - debris!
Jul 7Binatone Industries = Inebriate nudists, no?
Jul 8Inchcape = Nice chap!
Jul 9"Say it with flowers" = List wife as worthy?
(Interflora slogan)
Jul 10Yellow Pages OnLine = Slogan: "We lie openly!"

Aug 2003

Aug 4"Nothing runs like a Deere" = Horrid engine leaks? Tune!
(Deere slogan)
Aug 5Yellow Pages OnLine = Yellow Pages OnLine = O, sale? We go ply linen.
Aug 6"The World's Favourite Airline" = Wish ruin, die? Travel Aeroflot!
(British Airways slogan)
Aug 18Financial Services Authority = Fine thy avaricious larcenist!
Aug 19Royal Bank of Scotland = Boys lack draft. No loan
Aug 25Samsung Mobile Phones = Lo! has beeping summons!

Sep 2003

Sep 20"The World's Favourite Airline" = Lira tourist flew in overhead
(We're traveling and Business Anagram of the Day is on hiatus till December)

Oct 2003

Nov 2003

Dec 2003

Dec 8Boeing Aircraft Corporation = Cargo airborne, action profit!
Dec 9Elisha Graves Otis = Oh, it is a legs' saver!
Dec 10The supersonic aeroplane Concorde = No spares; epoch curtailed; no encore
Dec 11The Microsoft Windows Update Consumer Site = A definite wish to down customers' computers
Dec 12Lockheed Martin Corporation = Crooked plot in North America
Dec 15Electronic Data Systems = Scam! "No credits yet!" tales
(Electronic Data Systems' Inland Revenue contract has been terminated after the tax-credits fiasco)
Dec 16International Harvester Co = Sit in real tractor heaven, no?
Dec 17The World Trade Organisation = Nations' reward: hard-to-get oil
Dec 18Land Rover Discovery = Loony drivers carved
Dec 19A McDonalds Quarter-Pounder with cheese, fries, and a milkshake = For which, market puked Ronald's inadequate sales merchandise
Dec 22Hovis patented bread = Proven? Add heat. Bites!
Dec 23Electronic Data Systems = Tame clients' cosy trades
Dec 24Lockheed Martin Corporation = O, American rocket trip? Hold on!
Dec 25Avis Car Rental = Rain? Valet cars!
Dec 26Halliburton Corporation = Halt, bar oil-corruption? No!
Dec 29Formosa Plastics = Also scams profits!
Dec 30The Enron Corporation = Poorer, innocent Thora?
Dec 31Traffic Management Corp = Camp men net cargo tariff

Jan 2004

Jan 1The supersonic aeroplane Concorde = 'Nose-up' controls her pace. Ace ride, no?
Jan 2International Harvester Co = Heaven-sent rain! Oil tractor.
Jan 5Land Rover Discovery = Cosy, overland driver
Jan 6Controlled Automation = Donut, American tool lot?
Jan 7Massey Machinery Sales, Inc. = Senses I'm Ray, a sly mechanic?
Jan 8Shotblast America = Claim: The boss, a rat?
Jan 9Astra Tool Company = Amoral past, tycoon?
Jan 12Concord Industries = Con-rod is incrusted
Jan 13Consolidated Equipment Co., Inc. = Clique conned sad competition
Jan 14The supersonic aeroplane Concorde = An epoch is up, record one last encore...
Jan 15International Harvester Co. = Rattle 'share, nice innovator
Jan 19Westway Machinery Ltd. = Sweat with Clyde, Myrna
Jan 20Des Moines Register = Editor is messenger
Jan 21East Midlands Airport = Dismal transport idea
Jan 22Welsh Machinery = A hwyl riches, men!
Jan 23Achim Frainer Maschinen = Firm hires mechanic Anna
Jan 26Cadillac Machinery Co. = Chic camel, Lydia! (No car...)
Jan 27Des Moines Register = Sin-stories emerged
Jan 28Goodyear Tires = Gooey tread, sir
Jan 29Cummins Engine = Nice mugs in, men!
Jan 30User Solutions, Inc. = Strenuous silicon

Feb 2004

Feb 2Cooper Tires = O-o, scree trip!
Feb 5Business Anagram of the Day = If a boss, read naughty names!
Feb 6Christian Science Monitor = Niche: Monsanto criticiser
Feb 9Tempco Electric Heater Corporation = Competent tropical creator (Ice hero!)
Feb 10Los Angeles Times = Slogan's 'meet lies!'
Feb 11Goodyear Tires = Yo! I greet roads
Feb 12Nando Times = Man edits, no?
Feb 13American Reporter = More a print career
Feb 16National Air Traffic Services Ltd = It's traced live aircraft 'on finals'
Feb 17Applied Urethane Technology, Inc. = Hi, leading polyurethane concept!
Feb 18Allergan, Inc. = Allergic, Nan?
Feb 19Analog Devices, Inc. = Cancels video-gain
Feb 20Foundry Networks = Sorry, we DON'T funk!
Feb 23Foamedge Products = Perfect goods, Maud!
Feb 24Hickory Springs Manufacturing = Outcry! Making crap furnishings!
Feb 25Tech-Aerofoam Products, Inc. = Craft epoch to aid consumer?
Feb 26Isotec International, Inc. = Action: I retain clients, no?
Feb 27Los Angeles Times = On-message - sell it!

Mar 2004

Mar 1Allergan, Inc. = Call Grannie
Mar 2Analog Devices, Inc. = Conceived a signal
Mar 3British Gaskets Ltd = Risks: blasted tight!
Mar 4Cetac Technologies = Chocolate genetics
Mar 5Hollywood Reporter = Lord! wrote poorly, eh?
Mar 8Goodyear Tires = So, eye road-grit
Mar 9Associated Ceramics and Technology, Inc. = Dares design China clay at economic cost
Mar 13Rubber-Seal Products = Able drop cures burst
Mar 16Associated Ceramics and Technology, Inc. = A comic sting? One's china clays' decorated
Mar 22Four Seasons Hotels = O, foulest snores!
Mar 31Hollywood Reporter = Worry, Hope told role

Apr 2004

Apr 1Tempco Electric Heater Corporation = The calorimetric, corporate potence
Apr 2Continental Airlines Incorporated = Concerned international air pilots
Apr 5Champion Machinery = I? Rich company-man, eh!
Apr 6Continental Airlines Incorporated = I connect to Poland (Train's in earlier!)
Apr 7Centra Corporation = I earn poor contract
Apr 8Kentucky Rebuild Corp = Tinker, produce by luck!
Apr 12Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. = Ache? Cruel pill-anagram antics!
Apr 13Industrial Machine Tool, Inc. = Load-technicians in turmoil!
Apr 14Norman Machine Tool Ltd = That moronic lemon-land
Apr 15DaimlerChrysler Corporation = Merc option: really horrid cars!
Apr 16Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. = Nursing malpractice? Aha! A cell!
Apr 19American Airlines = Real cinemas in air!
Apr 20Kentucky Rebuild Corp = Burn-up recycled kit, OK?
Apr 21DaimlerChrysler Corporation = Merc option: really horrid cars!
Apr 22Dell Corporation = Or, top-dollar. Nice!
Apr 26Mayo News = Yawnsome
Apr 29Balkan Bulgarian Airlines = Real bargain - Slain in Kabul!
Apr 30Business Anagram of the Day = Huge database annoys firms.

May 2004

May 3Tempco Electric Heater Corporation = Report: Ace, hot, calorimetric potence!
May 4Kelly Springfield = Killing! (Fred yelps)
May 5Centra Corporation = Corn-cart operation
May 6O'Connell Machinery Co. = All-chic Enron economy!
May 10Ealing Hospital Trust = Ligature; splint; a shot.
May 11"The World's Favourite Airline" = Wish ruin, die? Travel Aeroflot!
(British Airways' tag line)
May 12The Cork Examiner = Or, extreme hack in?
May 13Kentucky Rebuild Corp = Predict unlucky? Broke!
May 14Sacred Heart Hospital = Dr: "A sore? Ah! it's the clap!"
May 17Ealing Hospital Trust = Attain pulse, hot girls!
May 18Continental Airlines Incorporated = Nice transport - I canoodle in latrine!
May 19Ealing Hospital Trust = O, up all-night sister? Ta!
May 20Business Anagram of the Day = Is Anu's defamatory shebang!
May 21Reed Business Information Ltd = Lurid ads in? O, monster benefits!
May 26"The World's Favourite Airline" = Lira tourist flew in overhead
(British Airways' tag line)
May 27Balkan Bulgarian Airlines = Laura: I grill kebabs-in-naan.
May 28Kentucky Rebuild Corp = Buy OK-priced truck, Len.

Jun 2004

Jul 2004

Aug 2004

Aug 13Advanced Micro Devices = IC code advances dive, Mr!
Aug 16Tipperary Star = Paper artistry!
Aug 17Kelly Springfield = Kills friendly Peg
Aug 18Continental Airlines Incorporated = Connect intrepid snorer on Alitalia/td>
Aug 23DaimlerChrysler Corporation = Date Rolls-Royce chap in mirror
Aug 24Continental Airlines Incorporated = Clearance in: trip to rainiest London
Aug 25Larne Times = N.I. realm set
Aug 26PricewaterhouseCoopers = Corporate showpiece? Sure!
Aug 27"Irish Emigrant" = I'm this Erin rag
Aug 30DaimlerChrysler Corporation = Do reclaim the lorry scrap-iron
Aug 31Northwest Airlines Incorporated = Tower directs airplane: 'Is north, no?'

Sep 2004

Sep 1"The Nationalist" = It is a: "Halt No.Ten!"
Sep 2DaimlerChrysler Corporation = A poor-man's Roller - rich decry it
Sep 3Procter and Gamble = Clare: "Top brand! - Gem!"
Sep 6Weight Watchers International, Inc. = New in? Ecstatic, now lighter-than-air!
Sep 7Modine Manufacturing = I'm due for a manning-cut
Sep 8The Mondrian Hotel = The Hilton, and more!
Sep 9AOL Time Warner = Wit: "A rare lemon!"
Sep 10Darden Restaurants, Inc. = Anna tends curried rats
Sep 13Genex Pharmaceutical, Inc. = Exclaim: "Cheap curing? Neat!"
Sep 14State Farm Insurance Co. = In manure? Art: face costs
Sep 15Delta Air Lines, Inc. = It'll scare Ian, Enid!
Sep 16Cardinal Health, Inc. = "Ah, lad ran the clinic!"
Sep 17Phillips Petroleum = Pump oil - Shell? Tripe!
Sep 20Four Seasons Hotel, New York City = We franchise our snooty style, OK?
Sep 21Deutsche Lufthansa AG = Fed that lunch-sausage?
Sep 22Unilever profits warning = PR: venture now failing, sir!
Sep 23Darden Restaurants, Inc. = Rat, ensnared in custard
Sep 24Costco Wholesale Corp = The colossal co-op crew
Sep 27Morrisons Supermarkets = Mars; Sure; Roses; mint; pork.
Sep 28iCat Corporation = Patriotic racoon
Sep 29McDonald's profits tumble = Spot Filet-mold and crumbs!
Sep 30Costco Wholesale Corp = Chew local Co-op stores

Oct 2004

Oct 1Darden Restaurants, Inc. = Understand arsenic art!
Oct 4Virgin Atlantic Airlines = Veil, intact Iranian girls?
Oct 5Best Western International = Basil's waiter: "Rent ten, No ten!"
Oct 6Weight Watchers International, Inc. = Tricia, now wasting in health center
Oct 7Rosenlaw & Einschlag = Slogan: Law enriches!
Oct 8Deutsche Lufthansa AG = Face Stansted haul? Ugh!
Oct 11iCat Corporation = O-o, a narcotic trip.
Oct 12Deutsche Lufthansa AG = Deftest huns? (CAA laugh)
Oct 13Diamond Aircraft Industries = I'd ID darn airframe unit-costs
Oct 14"The World's Favourite Airline" = It is another awful ride, lover!
(British Airways' tag line)
Oct 18Genex Pharmaceutical, Inc. = Champagne, ice cure - nil tax!
Oct 19iCat Corporation = O, panic! Traitor Co.
Oct 20Costco Wholesale Corp = Cheap screw-tools - Cool!
Oct 21Booths Supermarkets = Promote best US shark
Oct 22Fawlty Towers Hotel = Fly-swatter hole, wot?
Oct 25Waterford News = Raft down sewer
Oct 26Booths Supermarkets = Mrs sure bakes hotpot!
Oct 27Costco Wholesale Corp = Cheap screw-tools - Cool!
Oct 28Fawlty Towers Hotel = Why, wallet to Fortes!
Oct 29Catastrophe insurance = Cap on hurricane states?

Nov 2004

Nov 1Booths Supermarkets = Has best rum OK, topers?
Nov 2Fawlty Towers Hotel = Host: "Lawyer left, wot?"
Nov 3Procter and Gamble = Compel great brand!
Nov 4Caterpillar Incorporated = O, principal tractor dealer!
Nov 5Dunnes Stores = Rudeness? Lots!
Nov 8Hewlett-Packard Co. = PC alert! Two hacked!
Nov 9Hershey Foods Corporation = Hyped for coronaries. Hoots!
Nov 10Caterpillar Incorporated = Tar-dropper action, I recall
Nov 11Bank of America = Mafia-backer, no?
Nov 12Hormel Foods Corp = Chloroform dopes
Nov 15Sheraton Grand Hotel = Hath large rodents, no?
Nov 16Sears Roebuck and Co. = See: A-B-C-D... on our racks
Nov 17Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated = List: Red-prawn; Omo; tea; carrots
Nov 18The Royal Bank of Scotland = Ransack that, bloody felon
Nov 19Caterpillar Incorporated = Concept: I'll repair road-tar
Nov 22Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated = Rat-race? Stir warm Pot Noodles!
Nov 23Sears Roebuck and Co = Score coke - a US brand!
Nov 24Harley Davidson = Silver Honda day
Nov 25The Royal Bank of Scotland = Loony "Lock that safe!" brand
Nov 26"Drivers wanted." = VW's trendier ad
Nov 29Harley Davidson = Alvy rides Honda

Dec 2004

Dec 1Lockheed Martin Corp = Mock darn helicopter
Dec 2American Express Co =
Dec 3Wells Fargo & Co = Logo: "Cars flew!"
Dec 6The Royal Bank of Scotland = Fab Lloyd's tartan on? Choke...
Dec 7Golder Associates = Loo seats? Disgrace!
Dec 8London Heathrow Airport = Hop to Iran, another world!
Dec 9The Royal Bank of Scotland = Barclayloan's theft? Nod, OK.
Dec 10Golder Associates = It's a deal, Scrooges!
Dec 13The Royal Bank of Scotland = Aye! Loch bonds, tartan folk!
Dec 14House Building Finance Corporation = Hi! Public sign-on for our neat con idea
Dec 21Taco Bell Restaurants = Crab 'n' all, stout eaters!

Jan 2005

Jan 3The Walt Disney Co. = Ay, the clown's diet!
Jan 10Abacus Valves International Ltd = Villain ran V.A.T. tale: Counts beads!
Jan 11Ashtead Plant Hire Co Ltd = Pitch: the trade loans, lad!
Jan 12Albion Manufacturing = An actual union, GB firm?
Jan 13Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd = Craft-built trade's blot on county!
Jan 14The Walt Disney Co. = The low syndicate
Jan 17Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd = Faulty tub-tiles bond, contractor
Jan 18Geller Business Machines Ltd = Smelt green cash (in used bills!)
Jan 19Shetland Smokehouse Ltd = Held host's old skate menu?
Jan 20Red Mill Snack Foods Ltd = Frost killed Mcdonalds!
Jan 21Abacus Software Limited = Wearisome CAD bit faults
Jan 31The Direct Office Supply Co Ltd = Crude pitch: "Coffee, typist doll?"

Feb 2005

Feb 1Renaissance Recruitment = Remit: Can't sinecures earn?
Feb 2Birds Eye Walls Ltd = Swill deters badly
Feb 3The Walt Disney Co = Why, dialect on-set!
Feb 4Elliot Marsh Headhunters = Art: He'll hire me thousands
Feb 7National Railway Supplies Ltd = Paid, we ply all station urinals
Feb 8Toshiba Consumer Products Ltd = It's cool to thump sad CD-burners
Feb 9Lufthansa German Airlines = Harangue smallest Finnair
Feb 10Contamination Control Apparel Ltd = Poor rat containment told all... "PANIC!"
Feb 11Varcol Electrical Services Ltd = Cells, CCTV, radio-receiver stall
Feb 14Upgrade Solutions Ltd = US giant (Dell) drops-out!
Feb 15Lufthansa German Airlines = An Interflug hassle, airman?
Feb 16The Stormont Hotel = "Room to Let" (Shh, tent!)
Feb 17The Asbestos Group = Oh, spores tag tubes
Feb 18Eclipse Nursecall Systems Ltd = TM's: "Sends Pulses Electrically"
Feb 21Checkmate Devices Limited = Eck! castled me eh? (Die, victim...)
Feb 22Electrocoin Sales Ltd = Liars! (Notes collected)
Feb 23General Dynamics Corporation = Ordnance agility craps on more
Feb 24American GeoThermal, Inc. = Greener? Oh man, acclaim it!
Feb 25Vegetable Garden = Vegan table greed
Feb 28Cummins Engine Co = i.e. Conmen Inc, mugs!

Mar 2005

Mar 1Aviation Partners, Inc. = Captain Over: "Isn't Iran?"
Mar 2Raytheon Company = Oh! an army potency
Mar 3United Technologies Corporation = Aero-engine thrust Co. Pilot: "Coo, din!"
Mar 4Peterson Manufacturing = Function: grease ramp-nut
Mar 7Compaq, Inc. = PC: "Mac? No IQ!"
Mar 8Clone Computer Corp = Cool PC procurement
Mar 9Adastra Systems = Steady, smartass!
Mar 10Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. = Mercy! Tug-unit articulation flair
Mar 11Paramount Television = Praise unemotional TV
Mar 14BrainStorm Group = Rumor: boasting PR
Mar 15Great Lakes Aviation Ltd. = Navigators tilted. A leak?
Mar 16Communicor Public Relations =Corporate bull? I summon Nicci!
Mar 17Kraft Foods, Inc. = Kid: "Con! Rat's off!"
Mar 18Sara Lee Corporation = A coronaries role. Apt?
Mar 21Maxspeed Corporation = O! rapid Monaco experts
Mar 22Bristol Spaceplanes = Blast special person
Mar 23Pioneer Rocketplane = Keep on porcine alert!
Mar 24Battlespace Publications = Open it up - baseball tactics!
Mar 25White Castle = Stale? Chew it
Mar 28Air Salvage International Ltd = Valiants; airliner Tango-Delta
Mar = A cosmic recipe, man!
Mar 30General Dynamics Corporation = A 'smarter ordnance' policy - go in!
Mar 31Peterson Manufacturing = Great Superman function

Apr 2005

Apr 1Action Shoes = Toes in chaos!
Apr 4Genova Fashion = Fagan in hooves
Apr 5Sara Lee Corporation = O-o! Oral caries, parent
Apr 11Automatic Door Enterprises = Corporate in/out is mastered
Apr = Monica's epic cream
Apr 13Action Shoes = Tina chooses
Apr 14Dolmetsch Musical Instruments = Chords; minims; scales. Net? Tumult!
Apr 15My Favorite = Machismo: EVERY foot!
Apr 18Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc. = A firm: "A chronic ulcer, patient?"
Apr 19Elanco Animal Health = Ah! a local hen aliment
Apr 20Automatic Door Enterprises = Trader arouses competition
Apr = Hmm, poor 'chaser
Apr 22American Dryer = Merry air-dance
Apr 25Lake Champlain Chocolates = Help! I'm a lethal cocoa snack
Apr 26Delhi Musical Store = I ill-use chords mate!
Apr 27Lockheed-Martin Corporation = Noticed a Herc-promotion lark?
Apr 28Paramount Television = Petulant movies on-air
Apr 29Redeemable Features = See rare, female debut

May 2005

May 2Pringles Potato Chips = Pig on hotplate crisps
May 3Lake Champlain Chocolates = Cocoa pack means ill-health
May 4Redeemable Features = See true, feeble drama
May 5Landing Guitars = Industrial gang
May 6ECCO Shoes International = A 'contortions in heels' ace?
May 9Redeemable Features = See rare female debut
May 10ECCO Shoes International = A 'contortions in heels' ace?
May 11Kraft Foods, Inc. = Find crooks' fat
May 12Paramount Television = O! Rasputin on live, mate?
May 13Turner Entertainment Group = Rerunning one trumpet treat!
May 16Turner Entertainment Group = Running rotten temperature?
May 17Redeemable Features = True, see feeble drama
May 18Winchester Television = Seen Oliver Twist niche?
May 19Club Eighteen-Thirty holidays = It is hotel debauchery, nightly
May 20Good Times Restaurants, Inc. = An art: customers' digestion!
May 23The Sanyo Corporation = I rate Sony: Oh, no to crap!
May 24Surinam Airways = Aim's a runway, sir
May 25International Best Enterprises = Note "Better Trainers!" spin, in sale
May 26General Motors Corporation = O, plastic! (Or no range, more rot)
May 27Kistler Aerospace Corporation = Special, no-air rocket operators
May 30Edwin Watts Golf = We want gift sold
May 31Lauda Air Luftfahrt AG = Ultra-afraid aft? Laugh!

Jun 2005

Jun 1Peugeot Cars = Great coupes!
Jun = Find mug - cool cost!
Jun 3The Sanyo Corporation = Sony operator to China?
Jun 6Premise Action = I? I menace sport.
Jun 7Edwin Watts Golf = Flag now twisted
Jun 8Hitachi Limited = Hi, child. Imitate!
Jun 9British American Tobacco = I bitch: It's cancer, BO aroma...
Jun 10Power Footwear = Waterproof? Woe...
Jun 13Best Western International = Terrible tenants in? No sweat!
Jun 14Anagram Pictures = Camera-rating's up
Jun 15Cheap Hotel Bookings = The basic hole. Pong, OK?
Jun 16The "Yorkshire Post" = Pro-Tyke horseshit
Jun 17Sanyo Electric Co Ltd = Oriental, to cycle CDs
Jun 20Anagram Pictures = Camera art, sign up!
Jun 21Choice Hotels International = The client in location's a hero!
Jun 22British American Tobacco = Oi! Combat cancer habit, sir!
Jun 23Power Running Footwear = Gun! Now run - a fair tempo
Jun 27Ernie Ball Music Man = Name blues criminal
Jun 28Anagram Pictures = Part, using camera
Jun 29Hyatt Hotels Corporation = Cor! poor. (Stay at the Hilton!)
Jun 30Simple Shoes = Ship me soles

Jul 2005

Jul 1General Motors Corporation = Large car on store-promotion
Jul 4Park Plaza International = Plan Katrina? Laze on a trip
Jul 5Anagram Pictures = G. Paur - cinema star
Jul 6Kraft Foods, Inc. = A Dr ticks-off, no?
Jul 7Good Times Restaurants, Inc. = Danger! Cat it's... it's enormous!
Jul 8Courtyard Hotels = Adultery, cohorts!
Jul 11The United States Postal Service = It dispatches letters to avenues
Jul 12President Hotel = Posh, elite trend
Jul 13Good Times Restaurants, Inc. = Nite out, so sign Mastercard
Jul 14Courtyard Hotels = Thora: "Costly, rude!"
Jul 15Destination Hotels = That is line's end, too
Jul 18Medco Health Solutions = Oh, US death-toll's... income!
Jul 19The United States Postal Service = Despatch sensitive letter to USA
Jul 20The Michelin Tyre Company = Myth: technician employer
Jul 21South West Trains = It's hot - Sweat runs!
(news item: trains too hot for the air conditioning)
Jul 22Dolce International Hotels = One's on the toilet, all rancid
Jul 25Paramount Television = Rasputin movie, on late
Jul 26The United States Postal Service = Despatch a sensitive letter to US
Jul 27Indian Railways = I yaw in sari-land
Jul 28President Hotel = Top shelter! Dine!
Jul 29Kraft Foods, Inc. = A soft drink, FOC?

Aug 2005

Aug 1Regent International Hotels = Loathe tenants' torn lingerie?
Aug 2Genesis Organic, Inc. = Conning, I see cigars!
Aug 3Dolce International Hotels = Let-deals. (Rotten china in loo)
Aug 4The Michelin Tyre Company = "Hi! my cycle; the rim-tape, non?"
Aug 5Limited Edition by Virgin = Brit: 'I lit my Divine Gideon'. (Must be cold in there...)
Aug 8Novotel Hotels = Hot love-lets, no?
Aug 9Regent International Hotels = Nights are lonelier to tenant
Aug 10The Michelin Tyre Company = Rim incompetency, healthy?
Aug 11Destination Hotels = Deal, it is not honest
Aug = Least cosy home
Aug 15Daystar Transportation = Roads transit to any part
Aug 16Business Card Pros = Absurd press coins
Aug 17The Cumberland Hotel = Lunch, meet harlot, bed
Aug 18Overnite Express = Expensive sorter
Aug 19The Right Impression = So, higher print times?
Aug 22Daystar Transportation = Ad's "Art: Trains To Any Port!"
Aug 23Business Card Pros = Boss: "Cad, I run press!"
Aug 24Enterprise Courier = Receipt errors in EU
Aug 25Golfsmith International = Iron, ten-gallon-hat misfit?
Aug 26Spelling Television = Listen, love spieling?
Aug 29Business Card Pros = So-Absurd Press Inc.
Aug 30Enterprise Courier = Recruiter pioneers
Aug 31Golfsmith International = FORE! (Still man noting a hit)

Sep 2005

Sep 1Spelling Television = Vile spieling, to-lens
Sep 2Affiliated Products International = "Confidential data printer-out fails."
Sep 5Parcel Logistics = Split, slice cargo
Sep 6Hollrock Engineering = On green? Rollicking eh!
(Provider of golf range)
Sep 7Insolvent, Gillespie? = Gives Neil plot-lines.
Sep 8Acorn Security Services = Increase our CCTV? Yes sir.

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